how to build whitehat links seo

How to Build Whitehat Backlinks for SEO

Backlink building tips for high Google rankings

We will cover the rules for building links, how to get whitehat links, how to get links easily, advanced link building strategies, and how to continually build links for your site.

What are the rules for building backlinks? 

Technically, you're not supposed to be actively building links. They're supposed to come organically and making attempts to build links isn't organic. But, you must build links if you want to rank higher for more competitive keywords.

So, the main rule is, don't pay for backlinks. This is heavily frowned upon by Google and could get your site deindexed.

However, some people do pay for links, but indirectly. For example, some companies pay for what's attributed to product placement on a huge authoritative website.

Another example would be donating to a non-profit, college, or some kind of group that recognizes companies who donate.

Those examples aren't the same as paying for a low-quality link being sold online. To avoid confusion, you should never pay for a backlink, but it's fine to pay for something else that results in a backlink.

Be careful when building links. This is the most common reason websites get manual actions and deindexed from searches.

How do I get whitehat links?

You get whitehat links by building your network and interacting with people in your industry. Comment on blogs of the sites you follow and start building a relationship with one person at a time.

That's how you get links more organically and stay in Google's good graces. Building links is a difficult task which is why most SEOs don't like to do it or look for easy ways to get links. Which leads me to the next section of getting links easily.

How do I get links easily?

The easiest way I’ve found to get links is by searching for your brand or mentions of your website on other websites. If they've mentioned you, easily reach out to the webmaster for a link back to your website.

Another easy way to build links is by searching related websites for broken links. Once you find broken links, create content that can replace the broken link.

Then, email the site owner with a simple email that says, "Hey, I noticed this link on your site is broken I have a very similar post on my site that answers this question and will help your users."

Remember, focus on helping their audience. Don't focus on getting the backlink for your benefit. This is for their readers’ benefit because they care more about their audience than anything else.

What are advanced link building strategies?

The best advanced link building strategy is to build your network like I was saying previously by networking with people in your industry, leaving comments, sending them messages, subscribing to their email list, following their social media, etc.

Building a rapport, then building your own email list of influencers is next level backlink building.

Then, every time you put out a new piece of content that they may find helpful or interesting, or their audience may find helpful, you can easily let them know.

Since you've built that connection, they'll be more likely to link to your content, or even repost it on social media.

Over time, this list will get bigger, and you could get to the point where you publish a post and have 500 influencers to email about your new content.

This is the ultimate strategy for building backlinks like an advanced SEO strategist.

How do I continually build links from my site?

I basically covered that with my advanced link building strategy because this will allow you to continually build links while also increasing your network, so you'll have more people who are receptive to give you backlinks
This is very difficult and time-consuming because you have to reach out to each one of these people, but if you do it consistently for a year, you can build a nice email list of influencers happy to link back to your site.

Also, continually check for broken links, brand mentions, and do some competitive backlink spying to steal your competitors backlinks.