how to optimize onpage seo

How to Optimize for On-page SEO

Are you searching for how to optimize on-page SEO to rank higher in Google? 

On-page SEO Techniques

We'll talk about how to write titles tags and descriptions, how to write SEO friendly URLs, how to write alt tags, and how to use silos and internal links.

On-page Content

When optimizing for on-page SEO you want to make the keyword an H1 tag, and also have it in the copy within the first 100 words. You can also bold it, but not required.

Using it in H2 or H3 headers works as well, but I usually put other keywords in those areas that I'll get to shortly when I use some of the other keywords. These are your main target keywords for the page.

Don't keyword stuff your content. Make sure it reads well and isn't repetitive.

Title tags 

When you write the title tag, you want to put your keyword as close to the beginning as you can.

If you want to insert another keyword you should use a hyphen. Then, you want to use a pipe and put your company name or brand name after the pipe.

Here’s an example: Family Attorney in Denver - Divorce Lawyer Cherry Creek | My Law Firm

This is how you'll rank for your brand name or company name. It's more important to put your target keywords at the beginning, then your brand name because Google will get other signals about your brand.

You want to rank your page and your website higher for your target keywords.

Don't just stuff as many keywords as you can into the title tag, you want to target one or two keywords max per page and make the title look appealing because this is a big change Google has made recently.

If not enough people are clicking your listing, you will fall in the search engine results. On the flip side, if more people are clicking your search result, your rankings will get higher.

A better example: Family Attorney in Denver for Divorce | My Law Firm Cherry Creek


You want to write your descriptions as a tease for the page with the keywords included.

Once again, don't keyword stuff the description. It should read like a mini advertisement for the web page. If you do get your keywords in the description and someone searches for that query, the keyword will be highlighted in the description on the results page.

This can sometimes increase click-through-rate.

Here’s an example: Are you thinking about divorce? Our family attorney in Denver can settle your case with minimal impact to you and your children. Call us now!

SEO friendly URLs

You should add your keyword in the URL, and if you have a location you can add that as well, but don't keyword stuff the URL.

Be very careful of over-optimization when it comes to the URL.

If you have an exact match domain then you should pull back on adding keywords, or location. Anything that's already in the exact match domain. Also, try to keep it as short as possible so when adding in your keyword, don't overdo it.

This is good:

Not this:

Alt tags

Alt tags are basically the description of the images coded in with the webpage.

Add your keyword and location if you have a local business, but again don't overdo it. If someone is using a screen reader, someone that's vision impaired, the screen reader will read your alt tag as a description of the image.

Once again, don't keyword stuff or overdo your alt tags. Keep it natural sounding.

You can add these in the media section or when you insert a picture if you’re using WordPress.

Silos and internal links

Internal links are what connect your website from one page to another. Internal links are how you pass the link juice around your entire website. Typically, your homepage will have the most link juice and you want to internally link one page to another.

The idea is to "silo” your content, so one page links to a few related pages, then that page links to some more specific related pages, usually not as many, then those pages will link to very specific pages.

This is how you keep a silo. It's basically grouping your content into their own groups on your website by category or subject.

If you use breadcrumbs, it would look like this for example: Attorney>Services>Divorce