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Better ROI than Online Ads

The conversion rate of SEO leads is much higher than other forms of online marketing. Leads that come from Organic SEO actually searched for your offering before landing on your website.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

More law firms are investing in SEO every day because they know the benefits of Organic SEO. If your competitors haven't started investing in SEO, you can be sure they will in the near future.


Although SEO results are not instant, they do have a long lasting positive effect. Once in place, your rankings will remain stable and increase if worked on continuously. Compared to Pay Per Click ads, SEO is a long-term strategy.

What does it mean for your Law Firm to be Number One in Google's Search Results?

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

75% of online users never click past the first page of the search results.

33% of clicks happen on the first result.

We focus on Results!

Grow your law firm with our proven SEO methodologies. Our strategies are completely whitehat and can take some time to have an effect, which is why we recommend at least a six-month commitment.

Your results will last for a long time but will have a more positive impact if we continue to update your website to keep up with Google's Algorithm updates.

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Our SEO Process


Understand the business, market, and competition.

Select keywords to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Look for potential marketing performance challenges.

Campaign Roadmap

Create a strategy to match or beat your competition.

Our experts review your project and we begin after your approval of the campaign.

Provide real-time reports on campaign status and results.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Identify technical elements to improve rankings and drive traffic to your website.

Match search phrases to pages and evaluate semantic signals.

Find your digital footprint and create a campaign to increase your online presence

Acquire inbound links to your website with our proven outreach strategies.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting through our proprietary user dashboard.

Our dashboard integrates with various data aggregators like Google Analytics.

Reveals real-time data campaign progress, traffic, keyword rankings and much more.


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SEO Services for Lawyers

seo consulting for lawyers

Legal Marketing Consulting

Get a complete insight into your website's online visibility, compare metrics that matter to you against your competitors, and learn about opportunities that can increase your overall SEO rankings and overall website performance.

Within 10 days you will have a great understanding of what your first, or next steps should be to improve your search engine ranking and meet your law firm's goals. We support any of your goals such as improved search rankings, website redesign, or both website redesign while maintaining rankings.

We will provide a summary analysis that includes a report of where the site is currently ranking, potential problems, and action steps to be taken.

You will also receive a competitor analysis showing their website authority, backlink profile, search engine rankings, content quality, and mobile usability. This package also analyzes competitor Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media profiles.

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seo services for lawyers

Local Law Firm SEO Services

Our Local SEO work focuses on legal industry citation building, local on-page optimization including local schema, natural link building, and Google Map pack optimization.

Ideal for most lawyers with physical locations and want to build a local presence.

Rank better locally and get more foot traffic!

For growing law firms looking to increase local online visibility and target a wider audience with 20 targeted keywords and 10 additional citations created per month.

We audit your online presence and gather information about your business goals.

We research the best keywords for your business to bring the fastest and most effective results. You approve our keyword recommendations that target your audience and increase revenue.

From our assessment and keyword research, we implement high-quality content optimization to your website to engage visitors.

Once the content optimization is approved, we focus on building the online appearance of your business.

We help you rank for competitive keywords with an authoritative backlink profile.

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local seo for lawyers

SEO for Corporate Lawyers and Law Firms

We provide on-page and off-page optimization using blog outreach, magazine submissions, whitehat backlink building, and other rank increasing strategies.

Best for law firms who primarily practice corporate law, compete nationally, or need to break into a competitive market.

Expand your online reach and increase your audience base!

We provide on-page optimization and monthly off-page rank building strategies, perfect for firms with little to no existing online presence or need a more competitive campaign.
Recommended Campaign Length: 6 Months
Keywords Targeted: Up to 40 Keywords
Keyword Group: Maximum of 8
Monthly Search Volume (2,000 per group): Up to 16,000 (total for all keywords)

Site Assessment and Intake
We audit your online presence and gather information about your business goals.

We research the best keywords for your law firm to bring you the fastest and most effective results. You approve our keyword recommendations that speak to your target audience and drive revenue.

Extensive on-page optimization including Google tools, copywriting, tags, headers, metadata, and URLs.

Blog posts, press releases, and offline articles for link building, written in your style, posted after your approval.

Monthly Executive Summary Reports and continued link building through off-page article submission.

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web design for lawyers

Web Design for Lawyers

Our website developers specialize in the professional website design of custom WordPress websites for law firms.
Ideal for businesses who need a fast, mobile-ready website to improve rankings and business.

Get a fast, SEO-ready website at a competitive price, launched in as little as two weeks.

Creation of highly customized lawyer WordPress sites, up to 2 Homepages and inner page mockups, and revisions. NOTE: Project acceptance is subject to review of the agreement, scope, and deliverables.

We create two mock-ups for the homepage and inner pages.

We edit the mock-up based on the feedback.

We create a website based on the approved mock-up.

We integrate the content provided according to our page layouts for our basic web design. Once we've completed the branding on the website, we integrate the content provided using the chosen design's inner-page layout which includes the Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Page, and two more pages of your choice.

Once we've completed the branding and content integration, our expert web design team will review the first revision prior to submission for your review. We provide you with insight into the website in preparation for your first round of revisions.

The first revision implementations should focus on the following feedback:
Removal of Sections
Color Scheme

The gives you an opportunity to review the content to ensure branding aligns with base content. We focus on your feedback to be sure we're on the right path to get your website launched.

The second revision cycle focuses on the following points, and if a revision is required, these points are revised.

Image Changes
Content Integration
Banner Elements
Social Media Links

Once the revisions have been made and the necessary implementations completed, our quality assurance team scores the website and performs an in-depth review, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly and dynamically responsive for modern browsers and devices.

Once our QA team and developers complete the quality assurance process, we begin migrating the website to your hosting provider. During this period, our developers will require the access to hosting so please ensure the access credentials have been provided.

Once the website has been migrated, our QA team goes through the site one more time to ensure the site is fully functional and working as intended through our launch checklist.

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mobile speed optimization for law firm website

Mobile Speed Optimization

Optimize your WordPress website to leverage Google's mobile-first indexing.

The mobile optimization package leverages Google's mobile-friendly test and mobile speed test to identify areas in your website that need improvement. After identifying the problem areas, one-time mobile optimization will be performed, which will improve the mobile speed and friendliness of the site.

Check up to 30 pages of the site and implement mobile optimization improvements as necessary.

Implement enhancements such as optimizing site images, leveraging browser caching, enabling compression, and other mobile-specific improvements.

Minify CSS, HTML, and Javascript as needed to ensure more efficient performance.

Install AMP to blog sites if necessary.

Up to 8 hours total for mobile optimization, may include optimizing existing images or content to be mobile-friendly.

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