seo plan for higher ranks

My Simple SEO Plan for Higher Ranks

This is going to be a constant cycle of keyword research, on-page SEO, backlink building, analyze, and implement changes. Then, go back to the beginning.

During your keyword research phase, you'll be researching keywords to produce new content. I typically like to use user-generated keywords. Then, write your content or have your content written. Then, implement your on-page SEO.

Your entire website should be already optimized, but you must implement on-page optimizations for each new post. After you publish the post, you should do your backlink building for this one post.

This includes your social media, reaching out to any influencers, reaching out to anyone that may have broken links, answering forum questions and blog commenting with your link, if it makes sense.

Don't just stuff your link places where it doesn't make sense or spam it everywhere, this is not good link building and will hurt you, in the long run.

The analysis and review stage is where you look at your Analytics, and the Google Search Console to find places where you can improve. Also, check your TF-IDF and SEO tools.

The last step is to implement those changes to your post.

That’s it!

Start the whole process over with a new keyword that you've researched and go through the whole process again. You want to do this for every blog post you publish.

This takes time, consistency, and effort, but after a while, you will rank number one for many keywords and receive thousands or millions of visitors per month because you have an authoritative site.

Consistency is key.

The best analogy for SEO is the snowball effect. A snowball rolling down the mountain starts really small like a pea. As the snowball keeps rolling down the mountain, it gets bigger to a bowling ball, then an exercise ball. Before you know it, this snowball is as big as a house, then a skyscraper. And the mountain the snowball is rolling down is unlimited.

Google is unlimited so you want your snowball always rolling, always getting bigger.

Be consistent and implement everything I've taught you and you will be ranked number one. It may seem impossible, but I've done it many times and when you look back on all the work you put in, you will see the success of all your effort was well worth it.