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I have ranked 300+ business sites and over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry.
I've helped many businesses dominate the ranks and here's how I do it.
Calvin Carter, Founder

Why do SEO courses teach theory with no practical application?

“I’ve taken $1500 SEO courses and learned nothing…”

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for over 10 years so of course SEO came up at some point.

When I was first tasked with optimizing my company website for search engines, I started with research as always.

I found so much information about SEO, I thought, “this will be easy.”

As I dug deeper into the information I found two things:

  1. A lot of conflicting information.
  2. No actionable information, only theory.

After trying many of the guides, techniques, and tricks, I seen very little to no movement in my rankings.

So, I decided, I only had one option, trial and error.

Now, I’ve ranked over 300 business websites on the first page of Google.

In the interest of advancing my SEO knowledge, I enrolled in SEO courses that cost up to $1500.

Only to learn basically nothing.

Those expensive classes suffered from the same issues as I began.

Conflicting information and theory with no practical application.

So, I thought, “Why don’t I teach a practical SEO course that guides you from beginning to end, the exact process I use to rank sites?”

That is what I present to you here…

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Meet Me

Calvin Carter
Founder & SEO Consultant

I’ve been working as a SEO Consultant and Specialist for the past 5 years and have ranked over 300 websites on the first page of Google. I’ve been in the Digital Marketing Industry for over 10 years. I’ve worked at small companies, huge enterprises, federal and state government organizations. I’ve also started and sold some of my own personal businesses including a web-design agency, graphic design services, and e-commerce websites. Learn from me, personally, exactly how I optimize websites from start to finish.

SEO is a technique that can only be learned by doing…

Calvin Carter, Founder & SEO Consultant

Reasons why you should choose to work with me


I’m above all else, an SEO Practitioner. I only give practical digital marketing recommendations that match your business goals!


I know what works and what’s just theory. That’s why I provide actionable steps to improve your business, no fluff!

Quick Results

SEO is a long-term strategy, but most of my clients see improvement within the first month of implementation.


My research not only provides insights into your SEO strategy, but also gives you more information about your target customers to easily scale your business.


I provide data-driven evidence to remove the guesswork of what marketing activities are working and what marketing channels should be avoided.


I’ll find the best way to fit your SEO strategy into your digital marketing mix to give you the highest ROI and boost your campaigns on other channels.

My industry experience


Roofing contractors and home renovation companies have seen increased traffic and profitsĀ  working with me.


Medical and health related businesses have benefited from my digital marketing expertise.


Schools and Universities have increased enrollment numbers implementing my strategies.


Financial institutions have increased revenue while staying in the red-tape using my tactics.


Online stores have scaled to huge profits using my efficient marketing plans.

Are you next?

Don’t miss out on increasing your profits and scaling your business! Get started with me today!

My Values

I am a SEO practitioner that wants to help marketers, business owners, and companies increase revenue using tested SEO techniques combined with effective digital marketing strategies.